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Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake Ice Cream

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake Ice Cream made with just a few ingredients and easy enough for a child to make at home!
Making a healthier ice cream at home without sugar or eggs is pretty simple and one I now let my daughter make on her own. She just turned 12 and really loves being in the kitchen like me. Problem is I have taken over on most days and usually do the majority of kitchen chores since I’m constantly in the kitchen and of course it’s quicker” if I just do everything.
Bad news for me as a mom? I’ve made my kids too dependent on me and not self sufficient.

When Silk asked me to become and ambassador for the year and share some type of inspirational story or theme, I knew getting my kids more independent in the kitchen was it!
Finding a balance between allowing my kids to make their own meals and snacks, me not taking over and simply supervising is a goal I’m working towards and one I hope to achieve with all 3 of my kids over the rest of this year. This summer without school days and homework will be the perfect opportunity to start collecting recipes for them to make on their own without worry for me that my kitchen will be in utter mess and destroyed by the end of this experience.

So I am starting with a recipe for ice cream of course, because who doesn’t want to learn to make their own ice cream right?
Since Peanut Butter is my daughters favorite as well as mine and my hubbies we went indulgent. But not so indulgent that you can’t enjoy this at least once a week if not a little more perhaps. The ingredients needed are every day staples I always have in my fridge and pantry. Made with just 6 ingredients and an ice cream machine and a few minutes of churning time and done!
Using Silk unsweetened almond milk is the perfect choice because it adds a fantastic amount of protein to this ice cream as opposed to using dairy milk. If you need to keep this ice cream dairy free just read below for my suggestions.


If you’d like to keep this dairy free, replace the cream cheese used for a vegan substitute, like the brand Daiya.
If you don’t have Swerve you can use another sugar free granulated sweetener of choice. Many other granulated subs like Pyure stevia will be much sweeter than the Swerve I used here so eliminate the liquid stevia.
If you don’t have an ice cream machine you can make these in your blender than pour into molds for frozen pops instead of churning it into ice cream.

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