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Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

You can find the original Sugar Free Strawberry Jam recipe and more at SunCakeMom

It’s not as quick as whip up a crepe but it isn’t rocket science either. It takes time and passion but homemade always tastes better.

Course: Condiments

Servings: 4

  1. Use your biggest saucepan to cook strawberries.
  2. Wash strawberries, cut the leaves off the top, chop them into halves or smaller pieces before putting all of them in the saucepan followed by the honey.
  3. Increase heat, stir mixture occasionally. The strawberries start liquefying slowly.
  4. Add the stevia leaves. These green leaves might look strange in the jam but don’t worry, it will taste fab at the end.
  5. Mix and cook for another half an hour until it all starts coming together as syrup consistency. Don’t forget to stir occasionally.
  6. In the meantime clean and sterilise jam jars and their lids. Wash and rinse them first. Then put them in a big saucepan of water and boil them for 15 minutes.
  7. Dry jars with a clean tea-towel to get them ready for the cooked jam.
  8. Close the lid tightly and turn jar upside-down for about 5 minutes. Let strawberry jam settle before you turn it back. (Don’t ask me why you need to do this step… My mum, my grandma and my great grandmother did it this way and some reason it works perfectly.)
  9. Turn jars back straight up and wrap them into tea-towels one by one to keep them warm. Tuck them in a warm blanket and leave strawberry jam to cool down there for the next 24 hours.
  10. Before you place them in the fridge. Maybe it sounds a bit strange but this is a crucial step otherwise the strawberry jam will go off.

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