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Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

This recipe turns low carb coconut milk into a sugar free sweetened condensed milk that is a one for one replacement for canned sweetened condensed milk.
I’m sold on the So Delicious brand of Unsweetened Coconut Milk that comes in a carton. I like to drink it with a little stevia glycerite and vanilla extract mixed in.
Since coconut milk is so low in carbs, I’d like to use it more in recipes that call for milk. Therefore, I came up with this low carb sugar free sweetened condensed milk. It’s made by simmering regular coconut milk to remove some of the water.
To thicken up the liquid, I added a stevia sweetened vanilla whey protein powder along with a little xanthan gum The result is a low carb substitute for sweetened condensed milk. It’s very similar to the high carb stuff in the can.

A 14 ounce can of regular sweetened condensed milk contains a whopping 220 grams of carbohydrates, all of which are sugar. My low carb version for sugar free sweetened condensed milk has about 7 grams.
I will be experimenting with this low carb substitute in various recipes. I’m hoping to figure out how to use it as the base for a low carb fudge recipe. I’ve already tried it in a low carb fix for white chocolate recipe which I will post soon. The result was fantastic!

Low Carb Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Milk


Simmer the coconut milk in a medium, heavy bottomed saucepan.
Stir in the erythritol, stevia, and xanthan gum until dissolved.
Reduce the volume by half (to about 1 ½ cups which takes about 1 hour).
Stir in the vanilla whey protein.
Makes about 1 3/4 cup which is equivalent to one 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk.
Total carbs in recipe: about 7 g

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