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Diary Free Recipes Banana Ice Cream

Yeap, I used to be one of those people. You know the ones I mean. Staring at pinterest pictures of people making smoothies with crushed ice, mixing up frozen fruits, blending toasted nuts into silky butters and making gorgeous velvety soups. All in their film star looking blenders. Oh the days I spent green with envy whilst I used my lovely ‘but will give up the ghost if you so much as put one ice cube near me’ 15 year old plastic blender.

I am talking gorgeous vintage style with a tall base and a generous 1.6L glass jug that makes blending soups for our family dinner now a one batch affair.
The powerful 800w motor has taken everything I have thrown at it. From the easier soups and my Sierra Leone onion peanut blends to the more hardcore crushed ice and frozen fruit. I was so excited with this later ability that I made frozen banana ice cream three days in a row. Just because I finally could.

I like that is comes with 4 preset speeds – drinks, soups, dips and of course ice crushing so I always get exactly the right setting for my blending needs. Plus I have the option to keep it running the whole time or pulse it when I just need that little bit different kind of blending.

One thing Kenwood point out is that the glass jug is not heat resistant which means no blending of steaming hot soups. I am actually nervous of blending anything that hot so this is not a problem for me. Besides it all in the anticipation of cooling soups, fabulous smells and rumbling tummies.

I also like that the control buttons and setting are large enough and very easily visible so I don’t have to be fiddling around looking for them. After our extensive testing my eldest now knows which setting is which and that the setting that gets mama jigging round the kitchen is the snowflake one.
I think you get it – I have a stylish and quality blender with the performance to match. Blender envy – see you later.

I think it is a time I introduce you to the three times in the row almond banana ice cream.

I am talking only 5 ingredients :

  1. frozen bananas
  2. almond milk
  3. almond butter
  4. maple syrup
  5. a pinch of salt.

Plus no cooking involved. That is all that is needed to make this healthy, creamy vegan delight ‘ice cream’. That tastes just like, wait for it – ice cream. PS did I mention that this is sweet enough not to need the maple syrup. I like that little hint of ‘mapley’ goodness though. Any guessing as to how many times we will be eating this ice cream over the summer months?

Thanks to Kenwood for sending me this gorgeous blender.

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